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ABC specializes in commercial finance solutions for transactions ranging from €10,000,000 to €1,000,000,000. Our website is designed to assist you in learning about our firm, products and the services we offer. Once you have reviewed the process
you may either apply online or
contact our office directly.
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ABC has created a Global Practice Group whose sole purpose is to serve those in the corporate and business arena. We provide a full range of both traditional and custom-designed business solution processes, safety, privacy and risk management solutions.
With over 55 years of combined experience, we have attained a reputation of excellence and continue to lead the way in this time of world economic changes and uncertainty.
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» Art Financing

» Import and Export

» Buy and Sell gold

Letter of Credit
A letter of credit (LC) is a bank instrument that is issued to protect the applicant in a transaction. It is not a contract although there are usuallu contractual undertakings that underlie the credit...
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» Medium Term Notes

» High Returns

» Precious Stone

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